Spiritual Formation Opportunities for Youth and Adults

Some of us have strong and sincere feelings about our faith, yet are unable to identify or define the central truths of our Christian beliefs. We secretly hope that no one asks us about the basis of our beliefs since we know what we believe, but are not able to defend or explain our faith. We want to change this in our own lives and instill in our children a foundation of Christian teachings and values upon which they can grow in their faith and lead a life rooted in truth.

Francis Schaeffer said it well, “The basis of a Christian education is to give you the framework for total truth, rooted in the Creator’s existence and in the Bible’s teaching, so that in each step of the learning process, we will understand what is true and what is false and why it is true or false.”

We offer a wide range of Christian education for toddlers through high school focused on heightening their experiential understanding of Christian values, Biblical truth and a better understanding of God’s presence in their lives.

We also host “Community Conversations” for adults each week where we explore our faith together and discuss how we can discover who God created us to be.

We hope you can join us!

Pillar’s Transforming Community Groups (TCG) hope to cultivate an environment that will encourage the merging of this sacred desire to be with one another along with deep longing for the presence of Christ. We believe that such a coalescence happens best and most joyfully within the context of an intentional and hopeful community of believers committed to one another as they explore the transforming presence of Christ in their midst. In a sense, it is an imperfect “preview” of our future heavenly life.

The Pillar Experience

The Pillar Experience is designed to provide folks who are new or newer to our congregation with an experience that will help them build community, understand our convictions, and explore commitments.

The Pillar Experience will explore the Mission, Vision, Beliefs, and Values God has imparted to this local congregation.

The Pillar Experience is a highly interactive, casual and relationship-oriented gathering that will provide you with an opportunity to interact with leadership as well as others who currently worship with us on Sunday's.

The Pillar Experience will explore and consider your own personal gifts and passions and pray with you as you seek to determine the ways in which God is calling us to partner together for His good in this congregation and community.

The Pillar Experience will provide an opportunity for you to grow closer to Christ and to one another as we practice some spiritual disciplines together and become a 'small group' to one another during the course of the 4-5 week experience.

Spiritual Transformation

Pillar Community Church is a part of the Transforming Church Network. This group of churches are communities of men and women who gather around the presence of Christ for the purpose of spiritual transformation so we can discern and do the will of God.