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Spiritual Formation

Granular Rhythms of Grace -

Wouldn't you love to, as the Psalmist proclaims in Psalm 27, "see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living"? One way to experience such goodness is to begin imagining your routine and work-a-day world in a way that anticipates God's sudden presence in your midst. The way to bring the imagination to reality is to practice rhythms of grace that reinforce it. Over the past ten years I have experimented with what I call Granular Rhythms of Grace. These rhythms are ones that awaken me to the transcendent presence of God and anticipate His in-breaking all around. Perhaps some definitions will help clarify my intent:

Granular - made of or appearing to be made of small pieces, particles, or granules.

Granular then means the ordinary moments of our life. Those small and seemingly insignificant interactions, experiences, and projects that shape reality. Moments such as emails, phone calls, doing the laundry, changing the diapers, writing that paper, holding that meeting, mowing the lawn, etc.

Rhythms- strong, regular, and repeated pattern of movements. The term rhythms serves as a reminder that much of life is the experience of repeated patterns of behavior. For example, brushing teeth, eating, sleeping, etc. Our world - though often chaotic and fast-paced - is lived within the context of overarching rhythms that govern our relationships and interactions.

Grace - God in action on our behalf.

I know that's probably not the typical definition of grace, yet I believe it captures what the Scriptures teach. The practice of rhythms of grace then is the practice of rhythms - in the midst of daily life - that remind one that God is - even in the thickest, darkest, and most mundane moments of life - in action on one's behalf.