Local Missions

Pillar Community Church is committed to the divinity of Christ and the redemption He provides through the forgiveness of our sins. Forgiveness is given by God through faith in Christ and Christ alone. We believe the Scripture teaches that the redemption Christ offers to an individual is also a reclamation of the cultural mandate given in Genesis 1:26 – 29 and 2:15. In other words, as believers, we are now redeemed to God and are invited to partner with God as he extends his redemption to creation. As such we are able to resume the original task of cultivating God’s earth by bringing His good (and partnering with those who do) to the world for His glory.

Pillar further believes that the modern Church in America is experiencing what we call ‘Cultural Exile.’ In other words, our message and life is neither received or accepted and, as such, fails to shape the institutions which shape the culture in which we live. The idea of God’s people being Exiles is as old as the call to Abraham in Genesis. Indeed, one might say that ‘exile or sojourner’ is one of the most prevalent and pervasive descriptors of God’s people throughout our history (e.g., Genesis 12:1 – 3, Jeremiah 29:7, Hebrews 11:13, I Peter 2:11).

We prayerfully consider partnering with mission agencies who identify with and are committed to:

  • Bringing a blessing to all nations (Gen. 12:1 – 3).
  • Loving God and Others as a tangible form of bringing His good to the world (Matt. 22:34 – 40).
  • Seeking the ‘peace of the city’ through cultural and institutional restoration (Gen. 1:28 – 31, Jer. 29:7)
  • Spreading the Gospel and sharing the Good News of the redemption Christ offers (Matt. 28:16 – 20).
  • Church planting and/or empowering existing churches committed to spiritual formation for the sake of others.

While we certainly look toward agencies that are distinctly Christian, Jeremiah 29:7 urges us to be open to partnering with those in our world who are seeking its peace, even if they do not have a uniquely Christian purpose or practice. We believe in doing so we will spread God’s good in our community and that as our community’s health and well-being is restored so will our own!

“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare." 

Missions Team Values

When making decisions about how to steward and distribute our resources, here are a few key values the Team developed:

We Value Relationship:

Look for organizations or projects that are open to partnering with the church in multiple ways. Our first priority might be to organizations that have an established relationship with at least one member of the church, and is known to others. Our hope would be in partner in ways that includes, but is not limited to, volunteering, prayer, and financial commitments. Our priority will be to first fund organizations, and then individuals serving in a missions’ capacity.

We Value Transformation:

We believe the Gospel and “good works” that God has set before us contribute to the transformation of lives, including changed behaviors and improved quality of life, among others. Does the organization seek to uplift, transform, and send out, rather than meet internal efficiency or “feel good” needs? Are there unintended consequences of their implementation model? Can they demonstrate outcomes or share success stories? Are the organization’s goals congruent with Pillar’s belief in the 4 Chapter Gospel?

We Value Good Stewardship:

Ministries should be able to demonstrate stable leadership, financial diversity and stability, accountability in finances and leadership, and a clearly defined mission and vision, including statement of faith if applicable.