Better Together

Leading your family in faith and community

We live in a world where the values we want our families to live by can become hazy and distorted by the ever changing standards of right and wrong offered by our modern-day culture. Often we feel overwhelmed and alone, especially when attempting to raise a virtuous family. We need not face it alone! Together, we can companion with one another as we prepare our families with a faith-based character that can withstand the temptations the world has in store for us.

Pillar desires to be a vital community who partners with you (or serve as a companion for you) as you lead your family in a life-giving walk faith with our Lord. Our ministry is built on the belief that all of us – especially – our children and young adults – want to be accepted (love) and empowered (blessing). Pillar's ministry with our families focuses on helping them discover the truth that God is with them in every corner of life and that He celebrates them, or loves them just as they are.

Each of our ministry teams desires to see our children and young people live the life God has in store by discovering who they are (acceptance) and why they are here (blessing).